Welcome. We truly want to make your wedding ceremony as beautiful and memorable as possible. We are the only all-cello trio in this surrounding area. Our trio has a most unique sound. We create an enchanting atmosphere using our vast library of original arrangements. Chuck has tailored our music to enhance the warm and mellow sounds of the three cellos.

Our instruments are all hand-made by an award-winning crafts-maker, and the instruments have received awards for TONE QUALITY and WORKMANSHIP by a panel of judges from all the makers in the competition. It can truly be said, that no one else will have similar sounding music.

The cello has been called the most romantic sounding of the string instruments. The cello provides a rich and relaxing atmosphere for the event. (You might recall the Bach Suites played by Casals and the lush tone in the classical setting) Our music provides layer upon layer of these sounds as our cellos ultimately create elegant harmonies.

We specialize in being able to accommodate the musical tastes and ideas that are desired. No matter what style of wedding we encounter, we will find a musical avenue.

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